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We are a non-profit associationWe do not charge fees, but provide support volintarilyWe will try and help anyone (subject to Coach availability)

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Why Financial Capability matters

Every day we are engaging in the financial system

Whether we have a little money or a lot, we are interacting with financial products and services that we need to understand and use in ways that work best for us.

When things are going well and we feel our financial lives are on track, we are better prepared to make plans for the future. And the good news is 60% of us feel we are on top of our finances. But a significant number of Australians struggle to manage their money. In fact, more than 1 in 3 people find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming.

By investing in these skills and behaviours now, we will make a difference to so many later.

3 Core Behaviors for
Building Capability

1. Manage money day-to-day

Track money in and out
Look at spending priorities
Manage debt and credit use
Get into a savings habit

2. Make informed money decisions

Learn more about money
Talk more about money
Consider options and choices
Get help when needed

3. Plan and save for the future

Work towards savings goals
Stay on top of superannuation
Make informed invest choices
Protect what matters most

Based on National Financial Capability Strategy 2018,

How it works

Financial Capability Coaching

The coaching process is personalized and non-judgmentalWe provide the support, encouragement, accountability, and tools to help you make informed decisionsWe are not Financial Planners and do not advise on investments- but will help you make an 'investment' in yourselfIf you are overwhelmed with debt, we will refer you to more specialist support services (if necessary)

Giving Hope

You will have someone who cares about you and is a good listenerYou will have a simple plan that works for youYou will have a Coach that will keep you motivated by meeting with you on a regular basis to walk with you through the processYou will reduce your debt, increase your savings, and learn how to manage your finances on your ownYou will have peace by knowing you are prepared for an unexpected emergency

Our Credentials


Our Director has many years experience managing a leading not-for-profit based Financial Literacy and Financial Coaching program which has been independently evaluated for Financial Literacy Australia (FLA)


Our members include a professionally licensed Accountant (MIPA), Finance Manager (CPA MBA) and Risk Manager (RMIA)- contributing to a wealth of knowledge and experience


We are governed by professional and ethical standards of the Institute of Public Accountants, and are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

Mark Ryder Accountant IPA CPA Melbourne Australia

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